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Below you will find answers to some of the common questions we get asked. Just click on a question to see the answer. If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to contact us via the contact form or give us a call.

Everytime we have a power cut, the outside sounder rings and rings, we are unable to switch it off?
It sounds as though your main control backup battery needs replacing
Our system keeps going off at night and it always seems to be the garage sensor, does it need a service?
Alarm systems should be serviced and tested annually and this is something that we could arrange for you, it maybe that there is a spider crawling across it during the night time as they seem to be nocturnal, it could also be that you have the wrong type detector fitted for that area, garages and conservatories should have a special type sensor fitted, called a dualtech which compensates for extreme temperatures.
I've recently moved into a property that has one of your alarm systems but i don't know the code or how to use it?
We should be able to reprogramme your system and provide you with a new code and at the same time we will show you how to use the system, all you need to do is contact us and we will arrange to call and carry out the work.
We are unable to use our security alarm system because we have a cat which keeps setting it off when it enters the room?
Cats and dogs will activate ordinary passive infra-red detectors but 'Pet Immune' detectors are now available, we could just swap 1 or 2 or all of your sensors allowing your pets to roam freely whilst the alarm is set. Call us for details.
Our alarm is about 10 years old and we have never replaced the main backup battery, how long do they last?
They can last a year, they can last 10 years, it depends on many different things, whether the panel is in a hot enviroment (such as a heating cupboard) or a cold place like a garage, it depends on the charge rate from the panel and also the amount of times the battery has actually been used in a mains fail situation.. in short it's very hard to predict but a general rule of thumb is an average of 4 years.
Where could i obtain a user manual from, for my alarm system?
We have a variety of user panels available to download for free from our website, simply login to access our member area (Please note that we do not allow the downloading of engineer manuals)
How do i isolate certain zones during a part set on a securitech 700L?
Like most panels you can only isolate zones if the engineer has allowed for you to do so when setting up the system but assuming he has, you simply enter your code, then press * and then the number of the zone you are trying to omit. If this does not work then you may have to have the system reprogrammed to suit your specific needs.
Everytime we open the front door we hear a bleeping noise coming from the panel, what is it and how can we stop it?
It looks like you have the chime facility enabled on your system, you should be able to turn this off if you read your user manual, it will explain how to do this. The chime feature is useful if you have young children opening the door from time to time or if the system is installed in a shop and you need to monitor customers coming in through the entry door.
When my alarm system is activated, the outside bell doesn't make a noise, does it need a new battery?
No, it's more likely to the fact that the sounder has failed or the main control panel has blown the bell fuse, we could call and check this for you. You can call us anytime on 01952 400938
I have a veritas panel but the numbers are wearing on the control pad, can i buy a new pad?
Yes you can if you can locate a supplier but be aware that the remote keypad will cost you almost as much as a new panel and keypad as they normally come as a set. You may be better off updating the panel for a modern one that displays the time, date and user names etc..
I have a Securitech 800L panel but cannot activate the built in panic button, what can i do?
Unless the engineer that originally programmed the system has enabled the panic button feature, you will not be able to, not without resetting the system to factory defaults and programming the system again. This is something we could do for you.
We have an ADT system that was installed 4 years ago that used to be connected to a central station through the phone line, we no longer have a contract with ADT as it turned out to be too expensive - but now when the alarm activates there is no sound?
That's because it used to communicate down the phone line and because of that, ADT do not bother with an external sounder (just a dummy box) but now your problem is you have discontinued with the monitoring and now you do not have an audible alarm. Fear not though as we could install an external sounder to your existing system and get that working again as a proper system.
We have an alarm that was installed years ago by another company but we can not contact them as they have gone out of business, would your company be able to service it and take it on to your service and maintenance agreement?
Yes, we do maintain systems that have not been installed by ourselves, as well as those that have, however we do need to check that it conforms to the relevant standards before we accept it onto our maintenance agreement.

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